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Dirty Stop Outs

Written by Eleanor Blaney, Carrie Rhys Davies, Heather Lister, Rebecca Megson and Helen K Parker.

Produced by SanaRT Theatre


Janet Adams - Mya 

Rebecca Benzie - Sophie 

Marcus Carroll - Deano 

Tony Kennedy - Drunk

Tuesday Laveau - Dancer 

Jesse Meadows - Young Woman 

Michala Meadows - Laura 

Charlotte Rowlands - Ellie 

Madeline Ryan - Eve 

Greg Shewring - Darro 

Joe Shire - Barman 

Brian Welby - Crofty


Directors/Designers - Nancy Medina and Anna Girvan 

Sound - Nikolajs Varlamovs

Stage Manager - Penelope Cannell

Assistant Stage Manager - Grace Bond


‘What is particularly clever about Dirty Stops Outs is how each of these very distinct stories, under the direction of Anna Girvan and Nancy Medina, flow to form a single, coherent piece of theatre, depicting an eventful evening in a nightclub.’ 

Public Review, 3/5

‘I was close to tears at times and laughing out loud at other moments. The writing, acting and direction are strong throughout.’

Guide to Bristol

‘Nancy Medina and Anna Girvan’s direction should be applauded here as the innovative use of the space and the originality of the concept was great... I would be very interested to see what this company and the writers will come up with next.’

Bristol Theatre Review, 3/5

‘I could never have prepared myself for Dirty Stop Outs. It was exactly what the title supposes it to be - a realist portrayal of everyday characters in a usual nightclub.’

Bristol Theatre Review, 4/5

Dirty Stop Outs: Project
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