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Our Country's Good Rehearsals_B&W_Mark D

Our Country's Good

17th April - 11th May 2019 
Tobacco Factory Theatres


Captain Jemmy Campbell/Duckling Smith - Sasha Frost

Captain Watkin Tench/Liz Morden - Kim Heron

Captain David Collins/Robert Sideway - Danann McAleer

Midshipman Harry Brewer/Lieutenant Dawes/Black Caesar - Charlene Qwaye

Captain Arthur Philip/John Wisehammer - Luca Thompson

2nd Lieutenant Ralph Clark - Joseph Tweedale

Rev Johnson/Mary Brenham/Meg Long - Paksie Vernon

Major Robbie Ross/James "Ketch" Freeman/John Arscott -Dan Wheeler

2nd Lieutenant William Faddy/Dabby Bryant - Heather Williams


Designer- Anna Reid

Composer/Sound Designer - Keegan Curan

Lighting - Chris Swain

Movement Director - Louise Kempton

Producer - Kerrie Burke-Avery


‘An articulate production’

‘Wisely, director Anna Girvan and the repertory company at Bristol’s Tobacco Factory Theatres have echoed the original structure, with cast members underlining the complex theme of crime and punishment by doubling as both officers and prisoners. The production is made more intimate by being set in-the-round by designer Anna Reid, and this also helps bring out Wertenbaker’s abiding message of the civilising nature of theatre.’

The Stage, 4/5

‘the redemptive power of theatre for social change seems all the more poignant, and is at the heart of Anna Girvan’s powerful production.

Epigram, 4/5

It’s this mix of the escapism of theatre and the brutal reality of imprisonment that this production balances so well: art is transcendent, healing, and joyful – but it cannot take away present situations;

Muddy Stilettos

‘Directed by Anna Girvan, an alumnus of the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, the nine-strong ensemble demonstrate their versatility.’ 


‘I brought my A Level Drama students to the show last night. They have all studied the play and many of them have seen it performed professionally before. I've seen many productions of Our Country's Good, by Out of Joint and the National Theatre amongst others.

You blew us away. My students were on their feet applauding at the end of the show last night - it's extremely rare they all love a show, but this was one of those blissful occasions. The are absolutely buzzing today.

I thought it was the best production of Our Country's Good I've ever seen. I found it surprising and very clear. I was delighted by the way the staging, whilst unusual, served the text so effectively and let it speak so clearly. I thought your cast were uniformly excellent - their acting was powerful, truthful and superbly nuanced.

Jerry Strachan, Director of Drama, St Edwards Senior and Sixth Form

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