These are shows I have directed in the past.

Our Country's Good Rehearsals_B&W_Mark D

Our Country's Good

17th April - 11th May 2019


Twelfth Night

17th Jan-9th Feb 2019



17th November-31st Dec 2018


The Internet Was Made For Adults

Feb 7th-11th 2018



13th-15th Sept 2017


Invisible Man (RnD)

4th - 8th Sept 2917


Go Between

Sept 2016 - Jan 2017


Someone Else

November 2015


Room 504

November 2015


Kingdom of the Icebear

October 2015


Welcome, Friend

October 2014


Deep Pit

October 2014



Feb & June 2014


Se7en Dwarfs

Dec 2013 - Jan 2014


And The Hills Sloped to Heaven..

November 2013


A Little Nonsense

November 2014 - August 2014


Dirty Stop Outs

November 2012

Engineers' Blue 4.jpg

Engineers' Blue

July 2012


Moby Dick

April 2012


Remarkable Trees

March 2012

Pic 3.jpg

Scrooge on the Farm

December 2011


Eddie King and the Death of Rave

August 2011



May and July 2011



October 2010


Darkstuff from the Crypt

February 2011

lexi and olly2.jpg


May 2010

hip rehearsal.jpg


June 2008

Simon B and W.jpg

The Lightning Play

May 2008



May-June 2007


These are productions I have assisted or been an Associate on in the past.


Exit The King

Adapted and Directed by Patrick Marber

by Eugene Ionesco

National Theatre, Olivier

17th July - 6th October


The Nurse - Debra Gillet

The Guard - Derek Griffiths

The King - Rhys Ifans

Queen Marie - Amy Morgan

The Doctor - Adrian Scarborough

Queen Marguerite -  Indira Varma


Trumpet - Sarah Campbell


Designer - Anthony Ward

Lighting Designer - Hugh Vanstone

Music and Sound Designer - Adam Cork

Movement Director - EJ Boyle


People Places and Things

Directed by Holly Race-Roughan and Jeremy Herrin

By Duncan MacMillian

HOME Manchester

Friday 22nd September - Saturday 7th October 2017

Oxford Playhouse

Tuesday 10th - Saturday 14th October 2017

Theatre Royal Bath
Tuesday 17 – Saturday 21 October 2017

Bristol Old Vic
Tuesday 24 – Saturday 28 October 2017

Exeter Northcott Theatre
Tuesday 31 October – Saturday 4 November 2017

Nuffield Southampton Theatres
Tuesday 7 – Saturday 11 November 2017

Liverpool Playhouse Theatre
Tuesday 14 – Saturday 18 November 2017

Cambridge Arts Theatre
Tuesday 21 – Saturday 25 November 2017


Shaun - Michael Balogun

Emma - Lisa Dwyer Hogg

Paul and Dad - Trevor Fox

Jodi - Susan Lawson-Reynolds

Foster - Ekow Quartey

Mark - Andrew Sheridan

Meredith - Imogen Slaughter

T - George Somner

Laura - Ammiee Lou Wood

Doctor and Mum - Matilda Ziegler


Producer - Alecia Marshall

Designer - Bunny Christie

Lighting Designer - James Farncombe

Sound Designer - Tom Gibbons

Video Designer - Andrze Gouldingj

Costume Supervisor - Christina Cunningham

Composer - Matthew Herbert

Movement Director - Polly Bennett

Associate Movement Director - Claira Vaughan


King Lear

Directed by Gregory Doran

Written by William Shakespeare

Royal Shakespeare Theatre

August - September 2016

Barbican Theatre 

October - December 2016


Romayane Andrews - Servant

Anthony Byrne - Kent

Eke Chukwu - Gent

James Clyde - Cornwall

James Cooney - Servant

Bethan Cullinane - Maid

Marieme Diouf - Maid

Paapa Essiedu - Edmund

Jenny Fennessy - Maid

Kevin Golding - Curan

James Graham - Fool

Marcus Griffiths - France

Nia Gwynn - Goneril

Byron Mondahl - Oswald

Theo Ogundipe - Burgandy

Anthony Sher - King Lear

Natalie Simpson - Cordelia

Clarence Smith - Albany

Ewart J Walters - Old Man

Kelly Williams - Regan


Producer - Zoe Donegall

Designer - Niki Turner

Lighting Designer - Tim Mitchell

Sound Designer - Jonno Ruddick

Costume Supervisor - Ed Parry

Musical Director - Bruce O’Neill

Composer - Illona Sekacz

Movement Director - Mike Ashcroft

Fight Director - Bret Yount


Shakespeare Live!

Directed by Gregory Doran

Written by William Shakespeare and others

Royal Shakespeare Theatre

23rd April 2016

Cast (for scenes assisted)


Anne-Marie Duff

Rory Kinnear

Much Ado About Nothing

Sanjeev Bhaskar

Meera Syal

Brush Up Your Shakespeare

Henry Goodman

Rufus Hound


Assistant Directors - Joshua Roche and Rosy Banham

Writer - Al Smith

Musical Director - Bruce O’Neill

Stage Manager - Linda Fitzgerald



Directed by Simon Godwin

Written by William Shakespeare

Edited by Simon Godwin and Anna Girvan

Royal Shakespeare Theatre

12th March 2016 - 13th August 2016


Hiran Abeysekera - Horatio

Romayane Andrews - Osric

Doreen Blackstock - Play Queen

Eke Chukwu - Voltemand

James Cooney - Rosencrantz

Bethan Cullinane - Guildenstern

Marieme Diouf - Player

Paapa Essiedu - Hamlet

Kevin Golding - Player King

Marcus Griffiths - Laertes

Byron Mondahl - English Ambassador

Tanya Moodie - Gertrude

Cyril Nri - Polonius

Theo Ogundipe - Lucianus

Natalie Simpson - Ophelia

Clarence Smith - Claudius

Ewart J Walters - Ghost/Gravedigger

Temi Wilkey - Player/Gravediggers Assistant

Onstage Band

Sola Akingbola

Dirk Campbell

Sidiki Dembele


Producer - Zoe Donegal

Designer - Paul Wills

Lighting Designer - Paul Anderson

Sound Designer - Christopher Shutt

Costume Supervisor - Laura Hunt

Musical Director - Bruce O’Neill

Composer - Sola Akingbola

Musical Associate - Jon Nicholls

Movement Director - Mbulelo Ndabeni

Assistant Movement Director - Shelley Maxwell

Fight Director - Kevin McCurdy


Guitars - Joe Armstrong

Percussion - Jim

Keys - Jan


Sancho: An Act of Remembrance

Directed by Simon Godwin and Paterson Joseph

Conceived and Written by Paterson Joseph

September 17th to 19th 2015

Oxford Playhouse, Oxford, England

September 22nd to 25th 2015

Birmingham Rep, Birmingham, England

October 23rd to 24th 2015

Kennedy Center, Washington DC, USA

December 14th 2015

Williams Center for the Arts, Lafayette College, Easton, USA

December 16th to 20th 2015

BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music), NY, USA


Paterson Joseph - Charles Ignatius Sancho


Designer - Michael Vale

Lighting - Lucrecia Briceno

Music and Sound - Ben Park

Costume - Linda Haysman

Producer - Tim Smith for Pemberley Productions in association with Oxford Playhouse


Richard II

Directed by Simon Godwin

Written by William Shakespeare

Edited by Simon Godwin and Anna Girvan

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

July 11th - October 18th 2015


Thomas Ashdown -Young Richard 

Oliver Boot - Mowbray/Carlisle/Welsh

Graham Butler - Aumerle

William Chubb - Duke of York

Charles Edwards - Richard II

Henry Everett - Salisbury/Keeper

William Gaunt - John of Gaunt

Jonny Glynn - Northumberland

Greg Haiste - Bushy/Abbot/Servant

Angus Imrie - Bagot/Groom

Richard Katz - Exton/Gardener

Kate Malyon - Supernumerary 

Frederick Neilson - Young Richard 

Anthony Pinnick - Supernumerary  

Ekow Quartey - Ross

Anneika Rose - Isabel

David Sturzaker - Bolingbroke 

Sasha Waddell - Duchess of Gloucester

Arthur Wilson - Green/Man

Joshua Mason Wood - Supernumerary  

Sarah Woodward - Duchess of York 


Director - Simon Godwin

Designer - Paul Wills

Music - Stephen Warbeck

Movement - Charlotte Broom

Fight Director - Terry King


The Beaux Stratagem

Directed by Simon Godwin

Written by George Farquar

Adapted by Patrick Marber

National Theatre, Olivier

May 19th - September 12th 2015


Esh Alladi - Bagshot

Samuel Barnett - Aimwell

Jamie Beamish - Father Foigard

Pippa Bennett-Warner - Dorinda

Jane Booker - Lady Bountiful

Cornelius Clarke - Tapster

Susannah Fielding - Mrs Sullen

Molly Gromadzki - Gypsy

John Hastings - Chamberlain

Richard Henders - Mr Sullen

Lloyd Hutchinson - Mr Boniface

Chris Kelham - Footman

Nicholas Khan - Sir Freeman

Barbara Kirby - Country Woman

Ana-Maria Maskell - Maid

Amy Morgan - Cherry

Pearce Quigley - Scrub

Mark Rose - Hounslow

Chook Sibtain - Gibbet

Geoffrey Streatfeild - Archer

Timothy Watson - Count Bellaire



Designer - Lizzie Clachan

Lighting -  Jon Clark

Sound - Christopher Shutt

Music - Michael Bruce

Movement - Jonathan Goddard

Fight Director - Kev McCurdy

Co-Staff Director - Lily McLeish


The Red Lion

Directed by Ian Rickson

Written by Patrick Marber

National Theatre, Dorfman

June 3rd - September 31st 2015


Calvin Demba - Jordan

Daniel Mays - Kidd

Peter Wight - Yates


Director - Ian Rickson

Designer - Anthony Ward

Lighting - Hugh Vanstone

Sound - Ian Dickson

Music - Stephen Warbeck

Fight Director - Terry King


Directed by Natalie Abrahami

Happy Days

Written by Samuel Beckett

Young Vic

February 13th - March 28th 2015


David Beams - Willie

Juliet Stevenson - Winnie



Director - Natalie Abrahami

Designer - Vicki Mortimer

Lighting - Paule Constable

Sound - Tom Gibbons

Movement - Joseph Alford

Jerwood Assistant Director Programme

Happy Days.jpg

Glengarry Glen Ross

Directed by Emma Earle

Written by David Mamet

Ustinov Theatre

July 10th - July 13th 2013


Peter Benson - David Moss

David Pascoe-Clarke - Shelly Levine

Andrew Cork - Baylen

Andrew Cunningham - George Aarnow

Marc Geoffrey - James Lingk

Ashley Green - John Williamson

Steve Huggins - Richard Roma


Designer - Zoe Squire

Lighting - Paul Green

Sound - Sam Halmarack

Movement - Paul and Rae Chantry

Producer - Jill Bennett


Directed by Julie Taymor/John Stefaniuk

The Lion King UK Tour

Book - Roger Allers and Irene Mecchi

Music - Elton John

Lyrics - Tim Rice

Musical Score - Hans Zimmer

Choral Arrangement - Lebo M.

Bristol Hippodrome

August 31st - November 17th

Manchester Palace Theatre

November 30th - April 20th


Resident Director - Tim English

Music Supervisor - Clement Ishmael

Associate Choreographer - Marey Griffith

Musical Director - Jon Ranger

Assistant MD - Michael Bradley

For this production I was Children's Director and Assistant to the Resident Dire


A Voyage 'Round My Father

Directed by Jamie Glover

Written by John Mortimer

Salisbury Playhouse

September 2nd - October 2nd 2010


Polly Adams - Mother

Alice Barclay - Miss Baker/Matron 

Andrew Frame - Ringer Lean/Mr Thong/George 

Simon Jagoe/Alexander - Young Son/Second Boy

Ryan Kiggell - Son

Miranda Mackay/Ruby - Iris/Girl

William Oxborrow - Japhet/Bousted/Mr Morrow

Olivia Poulet - Miss Cox/Reigete's Mum

Christopher Saul - Headmaster/Judge/Director

Paul Shelley - Father 

Jeany Spark - Elizabeth

Ollie Spurr/Harry - Reigate/First Boy


Director - Jamie Glover

Designer - Andrew D. Edwards

Lighting - James Whiteside

Sound and Music - Simon Allen


David Copperfield

Directed by Chris Scott

Written by Charles Dickens

Adapted by Alastair Cording

West Country Tour

February - June 2010


Andy Apollo - Young David

Grace Carter - Betsey Trotwood

Bart Edwards - Mr Micawber/Mr Creakle

Hannah Edwards - Emily

Jack Holden - Young David 

Gemma Lawrence - Agnes Wickfield/Mrs Steerforth

Harry Livingstone - James Steerforth

Remmie Milner - Jane Murdstone/Mrs Micawber

Michael Morgan - Dan Peggotty

Luke Newberry - Uriah Heap

Josh O’Connor - Ham

Dilek Sengul - Clara Peggotty

Danielle Ward - Clara Copperfield/Dora Spendlow

John Winchester - Mr Murdstone/Mr Dick


Designer - Andy Montag

Lighting - Sonne Woppen

Sound - Chris Radford

Puppetry - Rebecca Rose


The Tempest

Directed by Toby Hulse

by William Shakespeare

Adapted by Toby Hulse

T.I.E across South West schools

January 2010


Group 1

Grace Carter - Miranda 

Bart Edwards - Prospero 

Remmie Milner - Ariel 

Michael Morgan - Alonso

Josh O’Connor - Ferdinand

Dilek Sengul - Stephanie

John Winchester - Caliban


Andy Apollo - Alonso

Hannah Edwards - Ariel

Jack Holden - Propero

Gemma Lawrence - Miranda

Harry Livingstone - Caliban 

Luke Newberry - Ferdinand

Danielle Ward - Stephanie


Designer - Andy Montag


Directed by Sue Wilson

The Good Companions

by J. B. Priestley

Adapted/Arranged by Malcolm Mckee


Jack Bannell - Mr Medworth/Leonard Oakroyd/Monte Mortimer

Alasdair Buchan - Jimmy Nunn/Fred/Uncle Arthur

Alex Gilbert - Mrs Tipstead/Mrs Mounder/Ethel Georgia

Joseph Drake - Mr Joe/Joby Jackson

Jessica Guise  - Mrs Chillingford/Lady Partlit/Daisy Callander

Oliver Hoare - Mr Tipstead/Albert Tuggridge/Mr Droke

Jane Horn - Miss Trant  

Emily Glenister - Mrs Joe/Mrs Oakroyd

Heather Johnson - Effie Longstaff/Big Annie/Mrs Nunn

Tom Weston-Jones - Inigo Jollifant

Katie Moore - Susie Dean

Alex Morgan - Jerry Jerningham/George Jobley

Charlie Morton - Rev Chillingford/Nobby Clarke/Mr Pitsner

Roddy Peters - Mr Aakroyd

Matthew Christian Reed - Morton Micham/Porter

Eleanor Yates - Elsie Longstaff/Elderly Lady


Designer - Sue Mayes

Lighting - Sonne Woppen

Sound - Tim Browne

Music - Malcolm McKey

Movement - Gail Gordon


The Lady in the Van

Directed by Sarah Punshon

Written by Alan Bennett

Salisbury Playhouse

September - October 2009


Nicola Alexi - Social Worker 

Robert Calvert - Underwood/Fairchild 

James Duke - Rufus/Doctor 

Malcolm James - Alan Bennett 2

Annie Penfold - Mam/Priest 

Marlene Sidaway - Mary Sheppard 

Peter Temple - Alan Bennett 1

Hilary Tones - Pauline/Doctor


Designer - Colin Richmond

Lighting - Jason Taylor

Sound - Gareth Fry


London, UK

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