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The Invisible Man

1st Feb - 28th March 2022 
Northern Stage


Herbert George/Inquiry/George Duggan/Thomas Marvel - Jack Fairley

Milly Brown/Reverend Bunting/Louisa/Dr Adye/Miss Satchel - Izzy Ions

Dr Sara Kemp - Kate Okello

Simon Griffin - Daniel Watson


Writer - Philip Correia

Designer - Aileen Kelly

Lighting - Claire Gerrens

Sound - Jeremy Bradfield

Fight Director - Rachid Sabriti 

Stage Manager - Rob Reed

Production Manager - Chris Durant

Company Manager - Colin Holman

Producers - Pippa Fox / Erin Connor / Annie Runham


'a stylistic delight [...] Northern Stage's modern adaptation of HG Wells’ The Invisible Man is a fresh and ambitious update [...] Both director Anna Girvan and writer Philip Correia clearly have a lot of sympathy for the material, and it’s been adapted with genuine thoughtfulness.'

The Stage

'The staging is witty [...] This production is part of Northern Stage’s project to support developing talent in the regions. I appreciated the commitment of the four young actors (including Jack Fairley and Izzy Ions in several roles), as directed by Anna Girvan; also the effectiveness of Aileen Kelly’s design and Jeremy Bradfield’s sound and music.'

The Observer

'the uninflected realism of the staging clashes nicely at various points with the heightened atmospherics, notably the use of foley sound effects, designed by the composer Jeremy Bradfield and created live on stage by the cast. There are some decidedly eerie and unsettling sequences here.'

The Times

'If you know HG Wells' 1897 science fiction novel, remember the old TV series or have watched the 2020 film inspired by the tale, then rid the memory from your mind as this isn't any of them.

Seen through fresh eyes, it's The Invisible Man without the malevolence or horror, with a man's mental health struggle at its core that inspires sympathy more than anything, and it's a piece of theatre which makes you think.'

The Chronicle

'Anna Girvan’s production for Northern Stage is full of muscular energy and hurtles through its interval-free 90-minutes with crashes, bangs and barely a pause for breath [...] It’s exciting and darkly comic. Brilliantly performed, too, by four young actors who are required to draw deeply on their physical skills.'

Cultured North East

'Phillip Correia and Anna Girvan had a difficult job of bringing something fresh and interesting to this classic tale, and then put it to stage! And it is a job well done with a more modern grounding of the story, underpinned with thoughtful messages of class and a critical look at how broken some of the UK’s systems are.'

The Courier

'Anna Girvan’s direction is interesting and effective considering the simplicity and small scale of the set. The cast are also very strong with Watson bringing true anger and threat to the unravelling Griffin, while Okello is also very good as Kemp even if the character’s motivations are never made entirely clear. The cast of four is completed with Jack Fairley and Izzy Ions playing every other character – both showing massive versatility particularly Fairley who is the standout in the cast.'

Reviews Hub

'Three compelling narratives are interwoven throughout the play to create a rich tapestry of differing perspectives on invisibility – how it feels to be invisible in society vs the power of invisibility itself. The message is clear, maybe too spelt out at times. Nothing is left unsaid. However, The Invisible Man is a highly entertaining watch with plenty to think about on the way home.'

Narc Magazine

'The North-East based artistic

team of writer Phillip Correia and director Anna Girvan is a winning one and together they are triumphant with their neoteric adaptation of this dark tale of freedom, anonymity and immorality. The staging is clever and compact, with effective use of lighting, and there is an ingenious deployment of Foley sound that not onlyadds depth and intimacy to this well-crafted piece but is an immersive experience for the audience too.'

The Northern Echo

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