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Written by Mike Bartlett

Alma Tavern Theatre

May 10th - 14th 2011

Trafalgar Studios 2

July 20th, 21st and 23rd 2011


Remmie Milner - Emma 

Dilek Sengul - Manager



Designer - Sarah Warren

Lighting - Kirsty MacDiarmid

Sound - Sean Connolly

Costume and Make-up - Elaine Andrews

Construction Manager - David Moir

Stage Manager - David Sutton

Deputy Stage Manager - Claire Shepherd


Stage Manager - Sophie Sierra

Deputy Stage Manager - Bii Chau

Contractions was taken to the Trafalgar Studio2 in as part of a Bristol Old Vic Theatre School showcase. To raise money to take them there we created a video campaign which you can see by clicking on the link. The video was filmed and edited by Jack Holden and show rehearsals for Country Music by Simon Stephens (Dir. Emel Yilmaz), Aliens by Annie Barker (Dir. Ed Stambo), Contractions and Orphans by Dennis Kelly (Dir. Matthew Grinter).


‘This is another notable outing 

for director Anna Girvan, who 

impressed last year with Dennis 

Kelly's Debris‘ 

Bristol Evening Post, 7/10

'Contractions is Mike Bartlett's precisely structured, acutely observed and effectively stylised script for two actors, here clearly presented and meticulously performed under Anna Girvan's exacting direction.’ 

Remotegoat, 5/5

Contractions: Project

Directors Cuts London Transfer

This video was to help with out Crowdfunder to take our shows to Bristol as part of a season of new directors work at Trafalgar Studios.

Click below for an interview with the four directors for the blog isthedirectordead

Contractions: Featured Project
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