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Darkstuff from the Crypt

Written by Keir Ashe, Duncan Bickers, Paul Hilton, Jasper Larsen, Phil John and Simon Harvey Williams

Produced by

Darkstuff Productions

Mr Thompson’s Photograph 

by Paul Hilton

Performed by Steve Dale

The Crying Glass

by Keir Ashe

Performed by Gerard Cooke

In a Room

by Phil John

Performed by Tom Turner

The Last Song of John Town

by Duncan Bickers

Performed by Luke Thompson


by Jasper Larsen

Performed by Ian Kane

Cutis Vera Johannis Horwood (the Skin of John Horwood)

by Simon Harvey Williams

Performed by Aimee Corbett


Designer - Anna Girvan 

Producers - Simon Harvey Williams and Phil John


‘Deliciously spooky and beautifully performed... rejoice in a mystical ambience, lovingly created under Anna Girvan's direction.’

Remote Goat 4/5

Darkstuff from the Crypt: Project
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