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Eddie King and the Death of Rave

Written by Phil John, David Lane, Helen K Parker, Gill Kirk and Simon Harvey Williams

Produced by Darkstuff Productions


Gerard Cooke - Eddie King 

Corrinne Curtis - Ashputtel

Nic Gauh - Mother

Ali Watt - Edan

Anna Westlake - Girl A

Francesca Wraith - Girl B


Producer - Corrinne Curtis

Designer - Anna Girvan


‘A successful evening, with some promising short pieces and, under Anna Girvan’s direction, a pungent atmosphere of one of youth culture’s most extreme and hedonistic byways’ 

Venue Magazine

‘Anna Girvan whose exquisite invention and attention to detail has been noted throughout this and in her other productions also’ 

Remote Goat

‘A moving, thought-provoking piece of theatre; despite my initial nervousness about the Promenade Theatre aspect it worked brilliantly, the Tobacco Factory Theatre being the perfect setting in which to recreate the atmosphere of a rave and I can’t imagine it being performed any other way’ 

Guide To Bristol

‘This was certainly not a performance for people who want to sit down for two hours and applaud politely. There can't be many plays that have Jericho by the Prodigy as the warm-up music but it all worked surprisingly well’ 

This Is Bristol

Eddie King and the Death of Rave: Project
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