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Engineers' Blue

Written by Adrian Harris

Produced Papercut Productions


Simon Alexander - Pete 

Adrian Harris - Cliff 

Hannah Pritchard - Ivy/Mary 


Producer - Adrian Harris

Designer - Emma Cains

Lighting Designer - Luke John Emmitt

Head of Marketing - Eva Martino

Marketing Assistant - Lucy Heard

Production Assistant - Jade Asbury

Operator - Penelope Cannell


‘If Harris’s body language was a mixture of regret, stiffness and disappointment, and Pete’s persona was all Brylcreem and half-smoked cigarettes, then Ivy’s voice was like a freshly brewed pot of tea: homely, tasty and ready to pour.’

Theatre Wag

‘This is no mere sanitised piece of nostalgia. Harris and his fellow actors, Hannah Pritchard and Simon Alexander, keep just the right side of melodrama in portraying the dark side of the war on the home front, with blackmarket activity and actual crime all too prevalent during the blackout.’

The Stage

Engineers' Blue: Project
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