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Moby Dick

Written by Simon Harvey Williams and Phil John 

Produced by Darkstuff Productions


Adam Blake - Ishmael 

Zuleika Gregory - Queequeg

Jared Morgan - Ahab

Jannah Warlow - Starbuck

John Winchester - Stubb


Co-director - Nancy Medina

Musical Director - Rarg

Stage Manager - Rebecca Megson

ASM - Penelope Cannell


‘It's a brilliantly simple piece of theatrical magic... It's not only a masterly piece of comic character acting, but a brilliant piece of site-specific world-building. We really do half-believe we're on board a ship’ 

Venue Magazine 5/5

‘It takes nerve to stage a 500-plus page doorstep of a novel in one evening of theatre, but the company pulled it off with aplomb’ 

Bristol Evening Post 7/10

‘It’s a credit to director Anna Girvan and her team that they have effectively turned what is an open and draughty space into the cramped confines of Captain Ahab’s ill fated whaling ship Pequod, and superb use of sound and audience direction in this promenade performance has the audience drawn into the story from the very beginning’ 

Guide2Bristol 4/5

‘ is also director Anna Girvan’s relish in tackling their script that points to this production being a highlight of the theatrical calendar’ 

Public Review 4/5

Moby Dick: Project
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