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13th-15th Sept 2017

Southwark Playhouse, The Tiny

48 years since they left Chestnut Secondary School, a disparate group of former pupils are invited back for a reunion. As they look back on their schooldays, forgotten memories and old resentments surface once again.

Who has moved on? Who is still trapped by the decisions they made all those years ago? Can anyone really separate themselves from the person they were when they were younger? And just why have they been invited back all these years later?


Writer - Anna Girvan and Company

Director -  Anna Girvan

Co-Director - Toby Clarke


Barbara Clarke
Bernard Taylor
Gerri Daniels
Jacqueline Grudzinskas
Jeanette Lineham
Leslie Gay
Meena Agrawal
Mina Temple
Pam Martell
Rosalind Borley

This is a staged reading of a new play devised by Southwark Playhouse Elders Company that asks whether looking back on the past helps us to live in the present.

Re:Union: Project
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