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Se7en Dwarfs

Devised by company​

Produced by The Wardrobe Theatre


Adam Blake - DC Bramley

Emma Keaveney-Roys - Detective White

Vince Martin - Musician


Design - Harriett DeWinton

Sound - Christopher Collier

Producer - Matthew Whittle

Marketing Manager - Matthew Whittle


‘you can be sure that this quirky, laugh-out-loud two-hander will leave you wanting more, and it might even put you off traditional pantos for good.’

Bristol Culture

‘Director Anna Girvan has created a properly funny show that generates all the informality and chaos expected of a panto-esque production.’

Theatre Bristol

‘Se7en has been crafted entirely for a grown up audience and as a piece of live performance is the most fun you can have in a dark wardrobe with your clothes on.’

Simple Lampoon

‘Don’t miss it. This is the one Christmas show that should have its own feature film.’

Ephermeral Digest

Voted in the Top 5 of Bristol Theatre, Best of 2013 by Bristol Culture. 

Se7en Dwarfs: Project
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