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The Internet Was Made For Adults

Feb 7th-11th 2018

Written by Georgina Strawson and Company

Produced by Hitting a Wall

Vaults Festival 2018


Crystal Dockery

Emily Francis

Fiona Hamilton

Georgina Swanson


Associate Director - Bethany Kapila

Lighting  - Teresa Nagel

Sound - Keegan Curan

Design Advisor - Anna Reid

Publicity - Tom Bevan

Producer - Mary O'Brien


'The Internet was Made for Adults is a fabulous show brought to life by extremely engaging performers; Hitting the Wall Productions is a very exciting company who I will most definitely be keeping up with from now on.’

A Younger Theatre

‘The Internet Was Made For Adults needs is a fresh eye, a good cut and a decision made on which stories need to be told and which can wait until another time.’

Theatre Bubble

The Internet Was Made For Adults: Project
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